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Here you can read blog posts about Lightspeed eCom-related things that cross our path during the further development of the Inventory Alarm app. You will also learn more about the origins and future plans of Inventory Alarm.

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How we got a perfect 10/10 score

21 december 2020

Recently, a number of improvements have been made to the back-in-stock e-mails, as well as how they are sent to visitors of your Lightspeed eCom webshop. This makes the e-mails as they are set by default in Inventory Alarm, a good basis for delivery so they won’t end up in the spam folder. These tips can also be used for your other marketing e-mails. Read more...

Why we're moving from SendGrid to Rapidmail

11 december 2020 - last updated 14 februari 2022

For the past 3 years, Inventory Alarm has been sending emails via SendGrid, mostly with good results. Since the beginning of October Inventory Alarm has started to switch to Rapidmail for sending transactional e-mail. The reason for this is the desire to process personal data in the EU and not in the US. And as it turns out, Rapidmail has a better delivery rate as well! Read more...

Inventory Alarm and the Privacy Shield

11 december 2020 - last updated 14 februari 2022

On July 16, 2020, the EU-US privacy shield was declared invalid. Since then I have been working on this for Inventory Alarm. In this article, you can read which steps have already been taken, what the status is at the moment and which follow-up steps you can expect. Read more...