Extra revenue with
in-stock-again e-mails

for Lightspeed eCom shops

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Get info about which out of stock products are popular. Make data based decisions about restock numbers. Get out-of-stock e-mail notifications.

Generate extra revenue with in-stock-again e-mails. Webshop visitors can leave their e-mail address to get notified via e-mail when a product is available again.

More than €1000 extra revenue per month*

* based on average of customers that generate extra revenue

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Get e-mail about low inventory

Use the online dashboard to set e-mail alarms for a minimal stock level. When the stock level drops below the level, you will receive an e-mail notification. When the stock reaches zero, you will also be notified. This way you will never miss an out-of-stock situation.

Keep selling products that went out of stock

When the stock is zero, you can activate a button and popup on the product page. Visitors can subscribe to an e-mail notification and get updates when the product is in stock again. This generates extra revenue.

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Better purchase decisions

You'll get valuable stock insights on the main page of the dashboard. You can see which out-of-stock products are the most popular and how much of your inventory is low on stock.

Customize layout and settings

Inventory alarm is flexible. Set and disable e-mail triggers, change the design and copywriting of the button and email templates and use the various template fields. You can always ask us for assistence on support@inventoryalarm.com.

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Boost your monthly revenue with more than €1000 *

You are just one click away from checking the demo sites. Check the demo and sign up for the 30 day free trial!
* based on monthly average of customers that generate extra revenue.


The monthly fee for using Inventory Alarm is based on the extra revenue generated by the app per month. No or little extra revenue? Then the app is free! The diagram below shows exactly how our pricing is organized.

Extra revenue (ex VAT) Monthly price (ex VAT)
Below € 150 Free
€ 150 - €450 € 14,95
€ 450 - € 1000 € 44,95
€ 1000 - € 3000 € 99
More than € 3000 € 199
Extra revenue is the total order value of the matched orders (ex VAT). Cancelled orders and credit invoices are substracted from extra revenue. Pricing is valid for shops on the Lightspeed eu1 cluster in lightspeedhq.nl and lightspeedhq.de App Stores. Read the FAQ about UK, US and Canada App Store pricing.

Free up to €150 extra monthly revenue

The first 30 days are free! Use the app for free up to €150 extra monthly revenue. After that, you will only pay if the montly extra revenue exceeds €150.


All popup-button text and e-mail templates the website visitor sees, are available in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. This follows with the Lightspeed language selection on the website.

Any specific wishes?

We provide custom implementations for our customers. Just send an e-mail to support@inventoryalarm.com and we will be in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

The invoices of the app for use on eu1 Lightspeed shops are sent by e-mail via our payment partner eCurring, payment is done by direct debit (SEPA direct debit) or Credit Card. For US/Canada based Lightspeed webshops on the us1 cluster, the App is billed through Lightspeed's billing system, on the same day that Lightspeed sends you your monthly Lightspeed eCom invoice.

You will receive an invoice every month with the monthly costs based on the extra revenue in the previous month.

The app's pricing is calculated in the beginning of the month, based on the month before. Based on the amount of extra revenue generated, the corresponding pricing tier is applied. This will then be billed on the next invoice.


The extra revenue was € 900 in the month May. The billed amount will be € 44,95.

This is done using the order and the Inventory Alarm subscription, by matching the unique article number (variant id) and the e-mail address that the customer used when they signed up for a "in stock again" e-mail.

All revenue in this order is attributed to Inventory Alarm.

Cancelled orders and credit invoices on the orders are subtracted from the reported order value, in the month where the invoice was credited.

You can inspect the matching orders in the dashboard and click on them to view the orders and invoices in the Lightspeed backoffice.

We want to be very transparant about this. Just log into the dashboard and see how much extra revenue the App has generated, and which pricing tier is applied.

Should there be something wrong on your invoice, please contact us at support@inventoryalarm.com

Thanks for taking the time to tell us! We are always trying to improve the app and love customer feedback, send us an email at support@inventoryalarm.com and we will be in touch.

If you are based in the US or Canada, your shop is on the Lightspeed us1 cluster.

The Inventory Alarm App is available on the us1 cluster as well! You can find it here.

However, note that pricing on the us1 cluster is currently using fixed pricing, which is different than the eu1 cluster due to Lightspeed policies. For the eu1 cluster, we switched to tiered billing some time ago.

When you are not satisfied with the app, please let us know so we can see I we can change things around and your feedback will probably give a lot of insight that we can use to improve. support@inventoryalarm.com

Cancelling the App is straighforward, just go to your Lightspeed backoffice where you installed the App. You can cancel it there.

The App will stay active until the next invoice, after that, the App is deleted, the button on the product page disappears and customers no longer receive e-mails. If you want to disable the App before the invoice date, you can turn off the switches in the dashboard. There are switches to remove the button from the product page, as well as switches that turn off all e-mails.